Corporate Governance

At CerradinhoBio, corporate governance is part of the everyday business. Starting in 2009, the company began a process of reformulating its management model, in ongoing evolution, maturing and raising everyone‘s awareness, contributing to its perpetuity.

The Board of Directors is made up of six members:

Name Position
Luciano Sanches Fernandes Chairman
Andréa Sanches Fernandes Director
Silmara Sanches Fernandes Director
Marcos Lisboa Independent Director
João Bosco Silva Independent Director
Roberto Rodrigues Independent Director

Its mission is to protect and add value to our assets, as well as maximize return on investments, always making decisions in society‘s best interests. The Board of Directors‘ activities are guided by an internal regime.

The Board of Directors relies on three committees, the Auditing and Risk Committee, the Compensation and Human Resources Committee and the Strategy and Investments Committee, which study affairs within their scope and prepare proposals for discussion to be decided by the Board of Directors.

At CerradinhoBio, the Internal Audit department reports to the Auditing Committee. Annually, its balance sheets are audited by an Independent Auditing Firm, chosen among top firms in the sector, in compliance with best market practices.

The Executive Board is composed of four members and headed by the Chief Executive Officer. In addition to the executive officers, the Managers of the Legal, Human Resources and Strategic Planning and Projects departments also report to him.

Name Position
Paulo Oliveira Motta Júnior Chief Executive Officer
Gustavo de Marchi Galvão Oliveira Financial Administrative Director
Charles Wagner Zanotti Commercial, Logistics and Supply Director
Luiz Augusto Resende Nascimento Director of Operations
Renato Henrique Pretti Director of New Business and Strategic Planning

Last Update on November 27, 2020

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