Code of Conduct


Produce and sell ethanol and energy sustainably, with complete quality and profitability.


By 2020, achieve the position of leading company in the bioenergy sector in terms of generation of value and best company to work for.



Competent Humanism

Integrity and Ethics








Agility and ethics in responding to market opportunities;

Supply quality products.


Quality of life for employees and their family members;

Development and support for social, educational, healthcare and housing projects in surrounding communities.


Growing employee valorization and development.


Ongoing improvement of processes aiming to increase our competitiveness, client satisfaction and environmental protection;

Business growth and perpetuation.


Taking care of the collective well-being of the Company’s surrounding community;

Preventing pollution, prioritizing, among other issues, selective garbage collection, waste management and minimizing the generation of greenhouse gases in our processes;

Complying with the legislation and other environmental requirements.

Employee Profile

Proactive and entrepreneuring;

Interested in self development and development of others;

Good interpersonal relationships;

Commitment to company results;

Synergetic and ethical;

Compliance with the organizational norms;

Multiplier and seller of positive and constructive ideas.

What is ethics?

Ethics is a characteristic inherent to every human action. All human beings possess a sense of ethics, a variety of "moral consciousness," which constantly evaluates and judges actions to know if they are good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair.

Principles of ethics for organizations

Ethics means choosing for in favor of everyone‘s wellbeing.

The Code of Conduct cannot be seen by the company as a set of disciplinary rules, but as the conversion of ethical principles into standards of behavior.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct has the objective of providing for clear comprehension of the conduct that guides the company‘s business and relationships with all employees, suppliers, communities, clients, shareholders, unions, trade entities and NGOs, and should be present in the daily practice of activities.

Conduct Committee

It is the responsibility of the Conduct Committee to hear denunciations, deal with information received and ensure that proper measures are taken in the case of situations that disrespect this Code of Conduct and/or legislation in effect.


The company does not promote or in any way admit, either within or outside its area of influence, discrimination of any sort, whether by gender, ideology, age, ethnicity, religion, origin, disease, work contract ties, sexual orientation, physical appearance or any type of disability.

Criteria for selection, hiring, promotion, mobility, granting of benefits, termination, access to training and skills building take into account factors that should not be influenced by any type of discrimination.

Therefore, everyone should be treated with respect and dignity.

Use of Alcohol, Drugs and Bearing of Weapons

No weapons of any sort are allowed on company grounds, except for professionals expressly authorized by the company.

Imbibing alcoholic beverages during work hours is prohibited, as is carrying out professional duties while intoxicated.

It is forbidden to use or carry narcotic substances or remain in the work environment in an altered state due to the use of these substances, as this can affect the safety and performance of you and everyone around you.

Child, Slave and Forced Labor

The company will not allow child labor, slave labor or forced labor internally or in its area of influence.

The company will not maintain commercial relations with those who present problems related to this subject, and in order to be accepted as a supplier, the company should declare that it does not make use of labor by children, slaves or labor in conditions analagous to slavery.

Conflicts of Interest

All employees should be respectful of the principles of ethics, dignity, honesty and responsibility, avoiding involvement in any activity or affair that involves a conflict of interest or that may adversely affect the company‘s image.

Everyone should act transparently so as to avoid situations of conflicts of interest, such as:

- Using one‘s position to obtain advantages for oneself and/or relations;

- Hiring third parties, including as service providers, that are relatives or friends without prior authorization from the Conduct Committee;

- Omit information, or forge it with the aim to meet goals or obtain personal benefits.

- Receiving commissions or other types of payment for carrying out transactions in the company‘s name.


The company encourages community involvement with sports, culture, education, healthcare, social action and environmental awareness. To this end, it uses a sponsorship mechanism to make initiatives it deems important and necessary to the community feasible.


External social investment should be aimed at real community demands and be in alignment with the company‘s directives so as to serve projects that effectively encourage social transformation. The company is committed to keeping ongoing channels for dialog open with the community in which it is inserted.

It is the company‘s decision whether or not to use its image when making a donation.

Presents, Gifts and Entertainment

The company allows employees to receive presents, gifts and entertainment, including social gatherings. Upon receiving any of these, employees should declare them to their immediate superior, who will in turn inform the Conduct Committee via Code of Conduct email. It is not necessary to declare gifts received with a total worth of less than BRL 100.00, promotional gifts and perishable goods.

Requesting any kind of gift, present or entertainment from suppliers and partners is not allowed.

Accepting offers of money, personal advantages, direct or indirect, for any reason, is prohibited.

It is the Conduct Committee‘s responsibility to determine if the present received affects the company‘s interests or not.

Participation in technical, scientific events and visits

Employees are allowed to participate in technical and scientific events in line with the employee‘s job in the company and with prior consent from the department‘s Management and Board;

Participation in technical events, scientific events and national and international visits sponsored by supplying companies should be previously approved by the Board of the department and the Chief Executive Officer, always obeying established Company norms.

Health and Safety, Environment and Quality

The Health and Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) policy and principles, defined in compliance with the Vision and Mission, establishes that the integrity of human beings is priceless, and is therefore placed above the company‘s other objectives and priorities. Thus, the company does not accept actions that harm people‘s well-being or safety, environmental protection and the quality of products and services.

Leaders are the main parties responsible for the safety of everyone under their management, promoting all efforts necessary to preserving the health and safety of personnel, sustainable development, productivity and process efficiency.

Each employee is responsible for guarding their health and safety, as well as that of their colleagues, as well as the environment and quality of products and services. They should do their job in accordance with procedures, instructions, norms and rules established by the company.

The company and all its employees are committed to pursuing ongoing improvement related to the health and safety of people, the environment, the effectiveness of processes and satisfaction of customers with product and service quality. Efforts should be aimed towards preventive actions, pursuing and sharing best practices and effectively using lessons learned throughout the organization.

Service providers hired by the company should comply with all health, safety and environmental procedures defined by the company.

Only officially appointed spokespeople can give interviews or give notices to authorities and the community, when emergency situations like environmental or work accidents are verified.

Privileged Information

Employees are prohibited from using privileged information they have confidential knowledge of due to their job position, that is capable of providing for themselves or others, undue advantage or that harms the company.

When release of privileged information is necessary, it should be approved in document form by CerradinhoBio‘s Executive Board.

The company defines privileged information as that which can bring advantages to those who have it in advance, or for others, if they are released.

Right to Privacy

The privacy of personal information, that of clients, employees, business partners and other individuals will be protected.

Access to confidential, financial or market information may not be used for personal gains or to harm the company. This includes information about finances, strategic plans, new products, new production technology, specific production data, and marketing plans and strategies.

Moral and Sexual Harassment

The company does not allow harassment, such as sexual, economic, moral, or situations that configure pressure, intimidation or threats in relationships between employees, regardless of their hierarchical level.

Individuals that feel harassed should notify the Conduct Committee so that proper measures can be taken.


In cases of employee hiring or promotion, subordinate relationships will not be allowed between first-degree relatives.

Exceptions should be approved in advance by the Executive Board.

Company Property

The goods, equipment and facilities of the company are exclusively for use in its operations and cannot be used for personal purposes.

It is each employee‘s responsibility to care for the good use and conservation of the company‘s property placed under their guard. In case of termination of the work contract, all material resources should be returned to the company in perfect condition.

Use of Electronic Information Systems

Cerradinho allows for moderate use of electronic systems for personal purposes, provided this use is not in disagreement with internal norms and guidelines or hinder work progress.

Transmission of information should mandatorily be related to professional activities, with obscene messages, fund raising chain mail, pornography or pedophilia being prohibited; should these occur, the Conduct Committee should be notified by any employee who becomes aware of them.

The use of electronic communications systems is restricted to employee work hours except by those in positions of trust or are formally authorized.

Legislation and the Court System

The company complies with legislation in effect, meeting legal, fiscal, tax and labor determinations, and expects the same behavior from all its employees and suppliers.

Only authorized employees and the protocol department may receive judicial or extra judicial notices related to the company, as well as any communication coming from government authorities, and they should immediately notify the Executive Board of their department as well as the Legal Department.

Contracts and Accounting Records

All financial and commercial transactions will be recorded in the appropriate accounting books, available for review by Internal and/or External Auditors.


The company‘s suppliers are chosen by clear and nondiscriminatory criteria. All decisions should have technical and economic support, with no favoring of any sorts being allowed, privilege being given to suppliers who demonstrate competitiveness without neglecting the ethics and good faith that rule commercial relationships.

Suppliers should know the company‘s values and the principles of this Code of Conduct and act in accordance with them.

The company expects its suppliers to be clear in characterizing their products and services, as well as the care to be taken in terms of health, safety and the environment.

The company may bring a business relationship to an end with any supplier who disrespects its values or fails to observe legal, tax, environmental and labor health and safety matters.

It is mandatory for suppliers to comply with health, safety and environmental norms, and they may not make use of labor by children, slaves or persons in conditions analogous to slavery.

Clients / Consumers

The company is committed to contributing to the process of creating value for its clients by meeting their expectations.

Client requirements and expectations should be considered and all those that are agreed upon should be rigorously complied with.

The company does not discriminate against clients, whether by origin, economic size or location. However, it reserves the right to bring any commercial relationship to a close whenever its interests are not being served or also when the relationship represents legal risks to its social or environmental image.

Making improper payments to any person with the aim to facilitate the sale of products or services is prohibited, even at the cost of losing business opportunities.


The company believes that fair competition is a constant stimulus to innovation and the pursuit of excellence in the quality of its products and services.

For the company, competitiveness should be practiced exercised based on its negotiation capacity with partners, on technical competence, staff agility and ethical management of the business.

The company and its employees should avoid adopting commercial practices that run counter to antitrust legislation (establishment of cartels, market division, limitations related to production or sales).

Community, Government and Society

The company respects legislation and the authorities of all instances of the government.

The supply of information to all governmental areas, including city, state or federal agencies, should always be done in writing, via protocol, with guidance from the Legal Department.

External social investment should be guided by real demands of communities and be in alignment with the company‘s guidelines to serve projects that effectively encourage social transformation.

Political Participation

The company respects the individual rights of employees to be involved with civic affairs and participate in the political process. However, said participation should occur in their free time and at their own cost. In these situations, employees should make it clear that their manifestations are their own and not the company‘s.

The company encourages the practice of citizenship, promoting awareness raising of responsible voting.

No initiatives of any sort related to political and election campaigns are allowed on company grounds at any time.

Union Representative Agency

The company respects free association, recognizing union entities as the legal representatives of the employees and pursues constant dialog to solve conflicts of a labor or union nature.

Publicity and the Press

Advertising for the institution and products should avoid exaggerations, arrogance, superiority and prejudice.

It should also ensure the veracity of the information published. The company condemns misleading advertising. The company‘s marketing initiatives are characterized by respect to legislation in effect, ethics and pertinent norms.

Contacts with the press should only be promoted by spokespeople designated by the company and with guidance from the communications department. Therefore, unauthorized people are forbidden to engage in contact with the press in the company‘s name.

Employees should not promote the release of any information to the press that are either secret or untrue.

Employees, third parties and visitors are prohibited from using electronic media to film, record or photograph images of the company without proper permission from that department‘s Executive Board.

The company does not authorize any use of its brand or products whatsoever.

Clarifications, Noncompliance and Denunciations

Employees who would like to report noncompliance with this Code should do so with the Conduct Committee, which will deal with the matter with the department manager and/or director, depending on the seriousness of the case.

Every denunciation or noncompliance received by the Conduct Committee will be dealt with confidentially. No retaliation against employees who report in good faith will be enacted.

Application of the Code

Every employee is responsible for complying with this Code of Conduct, and should question guidance that runs counter to the company‘s principles and values. Also, should they become aware of an irregularity, they should bring it to the awareness of their immediate superior and the Conduct Committee.

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Last Update on December 01, 2014

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