Valuing and Managing People

Valuing and developing personnel are essential attitudes for the company to maintain its solidness in the market and ensure success for many generations. Entrepreneurship, planning and concrete action are essential pillars in the work of its professionals, guided by the principle that sustainable development is only achieved when attention is given to people and the environment, and effective business administration is executed.

CerradinhoBio‘s business trajectory is marked by values like competitiveness, modernization and sustainable growth. It produces renewable energy, maintaining the commitment to promote professional qualification and training for employees, with advanced and innovative technology in pursuit of ongoing improvement.

Main initiatives and programs

Manager Training and Development

With the objective of improving the performance of company leaders aiming towards productive and sustainable growth, in alignment with the Organization‘s new context and making it possible for managers to have adequate conditions to enact sustainable growth, Cerradinho entered an agreement with Dom Cabral Foundation and in 2012 carried out the "Manager Training and Development Program" in six modules:

  • Strategy and Balance Score Card (BSC)
  • Strategic Personnel Management
  • Economic Financial and Cost Management
  • Cerradinho Governance Model and Business Auditing
  • Conflict Negotiation and Administration
  • Project Management

Inter-Crop Training

Taking advantage of the Inter-Crop period, when maintenance on machinery and equipment used in industrial and agricultural processes is carried out, the company transformed this interval into the perfect scenario for investing in its employees, with professional and individual improvement initiatives. Operational, technical and behavioral trainings are offered to over 1,500 employees, aiming to create better conditions to surpass the goals set for each crop.

Generation Program

Since 2010, every year the company has brought together its employees with the goal of preparing them for the new crop. Providing trainings, development and improvement of technical and behavioral competencies, it aims to generate initiatives that bring people closer towards achieving better results and surpassing goals. It excels in its ongoing pursuit of improvements to the company‘s processes, considering this improvement as a challenge to be overcome with each new crop.

Leadership Development Program

With correct training, prevention and problem solving methods, this program aims to develop personal competency and has the goal of improving the performance the entire staff‘s performance. Separated into behavioral and technical modules, the program covers unique and fundamental themes for professional improvement; interpersonal relationships, effective communication, personal marketing, staff motivation, activity and time planning, HR policies, conduct, remuneration and work safety, among others.

Mother and Father‘s Days

In the month of May and August, gifts are delivered to all mothers and fathers who work at the company, on their respective days. In addition, the children in the Doce Energia (Sweet Energy) project pay tribute to their parents, with theater and music presentations.

Flower Woman

On Women‘s Day, CerradinhoBio develops special initiatives for its female employees, opening the Criança Doce Energia project space for hair care, nail care and massage sessions, in addition to speeches on women‘s health. The activities are based on group activities in favor of self-esteem, in a relaxing environment, along with distribution of snacks and flowers.

My Suggestion

The goal of the Minha Sugestão (My Suggestion) program is to create a communication channel which employees can use to express their ideas about how to improve operational processes, aiming towards financial savings and profitability for the company, giving employees the opportunity to suggest improvements. All suggestions are analyzed by a CerradinhoBio team, taking the following criteria into consideration: greatest financial return (savings) for the company, lowest implementation cost, best applicability, innovation and creativity.

Support Wagons

Providing an adequate and healthy environment for eating, personal hygiene and rest for agricultural workers is the objective of creating these support wagons, which feature infrastructure (restrooms, awnings, coolers and fresh water), in addition to communications murals on which employees from work fronts can keep up with the company‘s daily routine and enjoy more comfortable conditions to perform their work in the fields.

Health & Company

Promotes the well-being of emplpyees in their personal and professional lives, encouraging the adoption of preventive postures and attitudes and that transform daily habits. Monthly lectures and campaigns cover a variety of subjects, such as vaccinations (flu), dengue fever, drugs, women‘s health, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, auditory health, dietary awareness, moral harassment, stress, financial education and traffic safety, among others, stimulating the encouragement of quality of life and health for employees and their family members. This program works with employees and has the goal of raising their awareness and guiding them towards a healthier life, as it carries out many campaigns.

Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant employees and their dependents are served in this program, which has the goal of ensuring physical and emotional health for mothers and children, advising them towards a positive pregnancy and healthy infant development (infant care and feeding). At the same time, it supports pregnant women in reconciling work and pregnancy. The first class graduated in August 2012.

I‘m Immune! Escape the Flu with the Vaccine

This campaign aims toward vaccinating over 900 employees against the flu, in addition to the children of the Criança Doce Energia project. Preventive vaccination seeks to avoid contagion with the disease, especially during winter months.

Workplace Calisthenics

Preventive physical therapy in the workplace has the goal of helping employees avoid acquiring illnesses like tendinitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis, lumbosciatic pain and nerve compression, among others. To this end, employees are guided in carrying out several exercises during the work cycle.

Calisthenics are practiced daily at all work locations - in the field, at the factory and in the office - aiming to improve quality of life for employees, raising their wariness about the need and their personal responsibility in managing behavior and attitudes, becoming healthier, happier and more productive.

Occupational Health

The company standardizes initiatives destined toward medical control of occupational health, in observance of labor legislation. Thus, all exams for hiring and termination, in addition to periodical ones, are outsourced and carried out by a specialized company. Results from the exams, compilation of the data, treatment of distortions and management of those that are lacking always occur in the months following its realization.

In-Company Week of On-the-Job Accident Prevention (SIPAT)

With subjects like: "Pay Attention, Work Safety Is a Precious Asset," SIPAT periodically gathers employees to cover the importance of health and safety to the company. Educational activities and lectures are carried out, such as theater presentations and awareness raising campaigns that deal with a variety of aspects of quality of life ( preventing hypertension and proper hydration), sexually-transmitted diseases, ergonomics, unsafe acts and conditions, worker safety and environmental care. There are gift giveaways (DVDs, barbecue kits and T-shirts) for participants at the end of the event.

Preventive Program for Working at Heights and in Confined Spaces

This program investigates and foresees physical and psychic factors in the health of professionals who operate in these conditions, to avoid having people without the necessary clinical conditions carrying out this type of work. Specialists from the Fire Department give annual trainings in first aid to employees and medical staff, with the objective of bringing knowledge and practice in responding to urgent and emergency care situations.

Collective Transportation

In order to offer comfort and safety during commutes to work, CerradinhoBio invests in collective transportation for employees.

Through a partnership with a provider of this service, the buses in circulation were specially manufactured to serve our employees.

They are comfortable, with individual, reclining seats, retractable seatbelts, tinted windows, curtains, ambient sound, accessibility to persons with special needs, the buses provide a calm, safe and quality journey to employees.

Last Update on December 19, 2014

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