Eco-Efficient Station

Brazil‘s First Eco-Efficient Consumer Gas Station

CerradinhoBio, in collaboration with Ipiranga, built the first internal fueling eco-efficient gas station in Brazil, in the second half of 2012. The station was designed to cause the least possible environmental impact, with rational use of water and energy and reuse of waste. The cost of installation is up to 50% higher than a conventional station.

When building the station, specific materials and sustainable methods were employed. For example, structurally, internal lights and those used on the fueling deck are of the high efficiency variety and have extended operating lives. In order to save water, the showers and faucets have automatic turnoffs and there are two stage flow controls on the toilets.

The project includes two 5,000 liter cisterns, with double walls and a monitoring system to check for losses and leaks. In these, rainwater is stored that is reusable after filtering, for watering gardens and flushing toilets.

Last Update on November 25, 2014

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