Social Responsibility

CerradinhoBio promotes a variety of programs to develop, educate and train labor, both for employees and the community at large. It supports and implements a variety of sustainability initiatives and programs. It contributes to the growth and development of the locations where it operates, generating jobs, income and foreign currency. It pays special attention to future generations. By way of educational projects and campaigns that benefit children, adolescents and adults, it promotes citizenship and quality of life, always based on dialogue and transparency in its relationships with segments of society. To this end, it continuously collaborates with entities of the cities where it operates, as well as with sectoral agencies. Its goal is to achieve excellence in its actions, competent humanism and integrity, all adjusted with a constructive focus.

Main Programs

Child Sweet Energy

Investing in the community, aiming to contribute to local growth and developments is a commitment CerradinhoBio makes through its Criança doce energia (Child Sweet Energy) project. Introduced in Catanduva (SP), it began in 1997, serving 34 students, children of employees connected to units in São Paulo. Initially, only sports activities were offered, but as part of its social commitment, CerradinhoBio soon expanded this action, setting more ambitious goals as to how to contribute to their training, educating ethical citizens who know their rights and fulfill their obligations

The project is organized on professional bases, consolidates itself as a successful initiative model and is conducted by specialized teachers who are trained to assist in the development of future professionals. It seeks to make up for local deficiencies, offering choices for leisure and training, in addition to learning alternatives.

In Chapadão do Céu the project began in 2010. There are currently over 80 students aged 8-16, enrolled in physical education (gymnastics, volleyball and swimming), arts & crafts, theater, guitar, chess and computer workshops. The students receive free uniforms, teaching materials and snacks. Among the students, half consist of children of employees and the other half come from families in the community.

Over these years of existence, more than 750 students have been served and obtained unique learning experiences.

In addition to contributing to their education, preparation and personal and professional development, the Child Sweet Energy project also awakens the playful side of participants. The presence of teachers and specialists that are available for the students to share experiences and assist in teaching new skills, attests to the staff‘s commitment to the students‘ learning as well as that of the community, which has the opportunity to participate in a variety of initiatives and campaigns.

The project also awakens talents. It is worth mentioning the example of vocalist Amanda Neves, who has earned recognition both nationally and internationally. At the age of seven, she enrolled in Child Sweet Energy and took theater and choir classes for eight years, among other classes. She won an award from a TV program, "Youth Talent 2010," on Raul Gil‘s Brazilian variety show and recorded her first CD, "Only Hope," in 2012. She performs all over Brazil and has participated in successful musicals like Beauty and the Beast, Nala, and The Lion King, staged in São Paulo, in addition to acting on the lyrical scene, playing Violeta Valléry in La Traviata, staged in Bebedouro and Catanduva. She participated in the 2012 Cartagena International Musical Festival, in Colombia.

The students in the project are encouraged to participate in competitions both in the city and away from it, and get assistance from CerradinhoBio, with the company covering expenses with transportation and food. In the 1st Regional Swimming Challenge, held in 2012, with young athletes from across Southeastern Goiás, the second place winner in the crawl stroke was student Jaqueline Rodrigues da Silva, and third place in the freestyle relay crawl were students Luigi de Jesus Freitas and Francisco Allysson de Oliveira Souza.

Vacation Colony

Games, fun and healthy eating all mark the Doce Energia (Sweet Energy) vacation colony, held in the month of July, bringing together children and adolescents aged 8-16. During the scheduling, children can experience everything from more traditional games to sports tournaments and movies. The goal of the colony is to fill the period without classes with fun and also educational activities concerned with physical, intellectual and social development.

Youth Apprentice

Focused on educating future professionals in different sectors, this program is developed in collaboration with the National Industrial Learning Service (Senai). It serves students aged 16-24. The goal is to educate, qualify and retain these future professionals.

A Communitarian Gaze

Activities related to education, health, quality of life, the environment and job market are carried out in this program, destined to contribute to personal training and development of members of regional communities where the company operates.

It promotes partnerships and volunteer work to offer educational lectures. It organizes, leads and participates in social and cultural events. Among these, a few highlights are charity parties to raise donations destined to local and state entities, the promotion of civic parades, theater pieces and public presentations, such as the Arraiá Doce Energia (Sweet Energy Party) and a Christmas presentation, among others.

Visit CerradinhoBio

Introduced in 2010, this project welcomes school, academic and business groups, presenting ethanol and bioelectricity production processes carried out by the company.


This promotes workshops to raise environmental awareness and preservation. In the workshops, a variety of arts & crafts techniques are taught, based on recycling materials such as Tetrapak packaging, PET and glass bottles, scraps, newspapers, seeds, sugarcane bagasse, plant fiber and others. Since June 2012, CerradinhoBio has developed this project with wives of employees and community residents, so as to optimize participant free time, stimulating their creativity, while also providing an opportunity for a new source of family income, by selling the products made in the program sessions.

CerradinhoBio and BNDES partnership

Asphalt Project - GO 206 Highway
Urban Extent Chapadão do Céu

  • CerradinhoBio‘s financial contribution in partnership with BNDES: R$500,000;
  • Execution of the Earthmoving and New asphalt pavement services on the GO 206 Highway, towards Chapada do Céu - Parque das Emas, in an approximate expansion of 1,5 KM.
  • Work 100% completed.

Renovation and expansion of the Prejeto Florescer building
Chapadão do Céu

  • CerradinhoBio‘s financial contribution in partnership with BNDES: R$281,000.
  • Structure with classrooms, kitchen, dispensary, bathrooms and dining room to attend more than 100 children from 6 to 12 years;
  • The Projeto Florescer aims to develop relationships of affectivity and sociability with activities such as: painting on canvas, painting on dishcloth, pedagogical games and sports.
  • Work 100% completed.

Last Update on January 18, 2017

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