CerradinhoBio was established in 2007, in Chapadão do Céu, a region with excellent production potential in the state of Goiás.

In 2009, it processed its first crop, 1.4 million tons of sugarcane. For the 2016/2017 crop, more than 5 million tons of sugarcane were processed, 357,000 megawatts of bioelectricity (sugarcane bagasse) and 415 million liters of ethanol were exported. In addition, the company is responsible for 3,800 jobs, directly and indirectly.

Establishment of Cerradinho Bioenergia S.A. on September 18, headquartered in Chapadão do Ceú, in the state of Goiás.
Work begins on plant construction.
Start of the operations.
2010 e 2011
Period dedicated to the intense implementation of the change agenda concerning the company‘s governance and management model, with adjustments made to the group‘s capital structure;
Construction of the transshipment terminal in Chapadão do Sul (Mato Grosso do Sul);
Initially features a 1,000 m3 tank and railway loading platform;
Roadway delivery platform, 400m3/h capacity.
Start of a new cycle of investments in the plant‘s layout;
Expansion of the railway tanking and loading terminal for transshipment;
Construction of 3 additional tanks, raising the static storage capacity to 4,000 m3;
Construction of an additional railway platform, increasing loading performance to 400 m3/h.
Optimized industrial capacity, both in terms of sugarcane processing and energy exportation. Crushing record of 3.9 Crushing tons of sugarcane in the 2013/14 harvest with the production of 332,000 m3 of ethanol and cogeneration of 199GWh of electricity.
Partnership with Ipiranga for shipping Diesel, at the logistics terminal in Chapadão do Sul.
Installation of the sixth crushing unit, allowing for an increase in efficiency and productivity.
Beginning of the new boiler construction.
Set up of two new turbines and generators, increasing the installed capacity to 160MW.

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