CerradinhoBiofollows first in the Ranking of Energy Cogeneration

In 2018, 188 plants in the country used sugarcane biomass to generate 21,46 TWh of bioenergy, and CerradinhoBio won first place in individual performance, according to NovaCana.com, which compares annually the operating results of the Brazil.

Analyzing the ranking per mill, we exported 454,71 GWh throughout the year and guaranteed the first place for the second consecutive year. In the overall ranking we are in 13th place, behind groups that have more than one operational unit.

In the third quarter of the 2018/19 harvest we had already achieved a financial result 20,8% higher than the same period of the previous year with the sale of electricity. Nevertheless, in volume, we presented a retraction of 7,77% compared to the 493,01 GWh produced in 2017.

CerradinhoBio congratulates all the industrial team for the great result achieved and shares with all its collaborators this achievement!

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