CerradinhoBio donates kite truck to the municipality of Chapadão do Céu

Last Friday, 09/20, at CerradinhoBio, Operations Director Luiz Augusto Resende and Human Resources Manager Mauricio Heusy received the Mayor of Chapadão do Céu, Rogério Graxa and his advisory team, as well as some councilors, at CerradinhoBio.

At the occasion, they talked about the Company‘s operations in the region, the construction of the new plant that will produce corn ethanol, and the importance of the partnership between the City and the Company.

At the end of the meeting, CerradinhoBio took the moment to officially deliver the donation of a kite truck to the municipality. For Operations Director Luiz Augusto Resende, partnership with the municipality is essential for the Company to continue growing and prospering in its business. "Chapadão do Céu has always welcomed CerradinhoBio with open arms and, with every action or new activity of the Company, we want to repay all this support from the municipality and the community with a solid, growing two-way partnership", he said.

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