Renovabio: CerradinhoBio would be champion in the generation of the blind between January and December 2019

Cerradinho was the 8th company and 4th sugarcane processor certified in the incentive program for biofuels called Renovabio.

In a simulation carried out by Nova Cana (digital newspaper), CerradinhoBio would be champion in the generation of Cbios between January and December 2019, with 580.2 thousand credits in the production of hydrated ethanol since its production was 445.64 thousand m³ of hydrous ethanol. The program aims to establish decarbonization goals, encouraging an increase in the production and participation of biofuels in the country‘s energy matrix.

The good agricultural and industrial practices adopted by the company allowed us to have a score considered positive in the program - 62.3 gCO2 / MJ. We believe and systematically invest in technology to produce efficiently, at low cost and, above all, respecting the society in which we operate and the environment.

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